Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all!

I received a great Christmas gift last Wednesday the 16th when I went up to Milwaukee to see the Lakers play the Bucks.  I finally got to see an NBA buzzer beater win in person with Kobe Bryant delivering the win.  Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving

Here’s to hoping everyone has a relaxing, safe, and wonderful Thanksgiving.


My son is so smart

Under the heading of, “I can’t make this stuff up”, comes this little nugget.  My wife, my son and I were having dinner Friday night while the TV was on.  My 27 month old son was sitting in his high chair facing the TV.  The news was on and they were showing the Yankees victory parade. Without cue or either of us saying anything, upon seeing the parade footage, my son dropped his head and started shaking his head in disgust.  I then just said,” That’s right, Josh.  Good boy.”  I think we can learn a lot from the kids.

Time to Pony Up

Well, last Saturday I paid off the Cubs/Cardinals wager.  

I’d say, “I can’t believe I lost”, but that doesn’t make much sense when you’re referring to the Cubs.
Well, congratulations, Dad.  Let’s hope the Cards bring back Matt Holliday.  Next year we’ll wager on the over/under of Matt Holliday dropped fly balls.
The week before, my wife and I were invited to a suite for the Cubs last game on October 4th.
The Bears won 48-24.  The Cubs?  I’ll let the Diamondbacks tell the story.
Yeah, the Cubs lost.  No one was actually watching this game.  We were all watching the Bears. 
The last image of the 2009 Cubs season.
“Wait till next year!”

It must be great to be a baseball player

This week Rich Harden told the Cubs that he doesn’t want to pitch any more this year.  I don’t believe any reason was given, meaning it’s not an injury issue.  I guess he just doesn’t want to waste the energy for a team not going to the playoffs and go out there and earn the money the team is paying him.  When Harden made his request, the Cubs just said, “O.K.”  While Milton Bradley made some idiotic comments recently, he was right when he said that there are reasons why this team hasn’t won in so long.  What a joke.  Being a teacher I can only imagine what would happen if I went into my principal’s office in May and said “I don’t want to teach for the rest of the month, the school years just about over anyway.  Oh, and by the way, keep my job for me in September.”  I’m sure someone else would be in my classroom come September.  I wonder if Rich Harden is giving back his salary for the last two starts or so that he will miss.  Somehow I doubt it.  If the Cubs wanted to grant his request, fine, but they should have also told him where the door was, take Milton with you, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.  If he’s back next year, it will be 102 years and counting for the Cubs. 

So, the Cubs have suspended Milton Bradley for the season.  That’s about three months too late.  Eat his salary and get him out of here.
The wager will be collected sometime in October.  I don’t know what Cardinal gear I will be wearing, yet.  I’ll have to have something blue under it so that the St. Louis stuff doesn’t touch my skin, right Dad?  By the way, congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals for winning the NL Central last night.  They’re my pick to go to the World Series, but watch out for the Rockies.  I’ve been watching a lot of Rockies games this month, and let me tell you, that is a TEAM.
I’m very happy that my son is really starting to get into baseball.  Of course, there’s the fear that he will become brainwashed into being a Cardinals fan, but if that’s the case, then so be it.  Joshua has been throwing everyone through the loop be his identification with the Boston Red Sox.  As I’ve mentioned before, we have the MLB baseball package on DirecTV, so we spend evenings with baseball on TV.  We’ve pretty much been watching the Red Sox games on NESN and the Rockies games after 9:00.  We switch back and forth to the Cubs game, but it’s been painful.  Without being prompted, Josh correctly identified the Red Sox when I asked him who was playing.  Did he hear it on TV, did he notice the bright red Sox logo on the sleeves of their road jerseys?  Whatever the reason, if Josh is asked if he wants to watch baseball, he always says the Red Sox.  I was at Target recently and bought him a Red Sox hat, which he loves.  He now knows who Big Papi is.  I even gave him my old Starting Lineups of Roger Clemens and Wade Boggs to play with.  Hey, he likes baseball.  On my iTunes, I did have the song “Dirty Water”, by the Standells.  I played it for Josh and told him they play this song when the Red Sox win.  He went nuts.  Yesterday, I filmed him listening to this song.

Fly the “L” Flag


Congratulations, Dad.  You’ve been spared the embarrassment of wearing Cubs gear down at Wrigley Field.  And to think, you actually did not want to take this bet out of fear the Cubs would actually win the season series against the Cards.  You had nothing to worry about.  I’d like to make this photo op of me in Cardinals gear happen sooner than later.  Let’s get it over with.

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