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Does it still mean as much?


sox_logo.jpgIt’s Cubs 1, White Sox 1
Does this series mean that much anymore?  It seems like every year the teams split the head to head matchup anyhow.  This match up meant more when both teams were in the second division.  Then it was about city “bragging rights”.  I can recall an exchange between a Cubs fan and Sox fan I overheard at Wrigley about ten years ago when I went to one of these battles.  The Cubs fan said “Sox suck!”  The Sox fan came back with “Cubs suck”.  The Cubs fan, left with nothing else, shrugged his shoulders and simply said “I know”.  The best thing about the crosstown showdown is seeing all the T-shirts poking fun at each team being sold outside the stadium.  There are some funny ones.  Since the Sox won the World Series in ’05, city “bragging rights” doesn’t seem to mean as much.  That’s just my opinion.  Sure, Ozzie tries to ruffle the North Sider’s feathers by saying that every time he comes to Wrigley he pukes.  Well, not every team can be blessed with a state of the art facility that despite being less than twenty years old, has already been renovated.  Lou says nothing, of course, because he has no answers right now.  Doesn’t it seem like Lou is just counting his days in Chicago, playing out his contract.  Rumor has it the Yankees want to hire him as a consultant.  Hmm…consult for the Yankees or deal with Milton Bradley for two more years?
Was the Cubs power display in the eight inning yesterday a sign of good things to come or a result of Scott Linebrink throwing batting practice?
With the Indians coming to town today, I propose we trade Milton Bradley and the Gatorade Machine for Mark DeRosa and Kerry Wood.
Judging by the weather today, today’s game may be in jeopardy.  The Cubs have about four or five rain outs to make up already.  That’s not good because they won’t have too many off days in the second half.  As the All-Star game nears, the Cubs enter the make or break portion of their schedule.  At 31-31, the Cubs are now closer to last place then they are to first or second place.  Before the break the Cubs have to play three with Cleveland (don’t sleep on Cleveland, they can score runs and the Cubs can’t), one makeup game with the Braves, three with the first place Tigers, three with the White Sox, three with the Pirates (only two games behind the Cubs right now), four with the Brewers, three with the Braves, and four with the Cardinals.  If the Cubs play well in this stretch, they’ll be fine.  If they don’t, they’ll be done.
I’m looking forward to today’s match up of Cliff Lee vs. Rich Harden.  That is, if they play.