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Skyline Time

There is a big chili debate going on at our house.  It all started when we stopped in Cincinnati on the way home from our road trip.  My wife, Tina, knows some people who have been to Cincinnati and she was told that one of Cincinnati’s signature foods was Skyline Chili.  Usually this chili is eaten over spaghetti with mild cheddar cheese on top.  Apparently this is called a “three way”.  At the ballpark, they serve the chili over a miniature hot dog as a “cheese coney”.  We agreed when we got to Great American Ballpark we would sample this local fare.

Our opinions of the Skyline Cheese Coneys could not have been more different!  I loved it, while my wife said it was absolutely “foul” and just plain “wrong”.  Our son Joshua just loved eating the cheese off of it.  I loved it so much that when Tina asked me if I wanted anything else, I asked for two more.  The chili has a very sweet taste.  I believe it’s spiced with cinnamon.  After we left Cincinnati, I was sad because I did not think we would find Skyline Chili in Illinois. 


Last Monday I volunteered to do the grocery shopping at our local Meijer store.  I had been having Skyline cravings, but I was resigned to the fact that I would not find any around where we live.  I checked their website and I could order from them, but you have to order by the case and with the shipping, my cravings weren’t exactly worth my right arm.  I differ with grocery shopping from my wife.  Tina tends to have a list and goes in to get those specific items and them leaves.  I tend to linger around, looking at everything, even if we really don’t need anything in a given aisle.  So I’m walking down the chili aisle and what do I see?  That blue and yellow Skyline Chili can!  
After a quick double take, I just about did the happy dance right there in the aisle.  I bought up a bunch of cans of the good stuff.  You can imagine what my wife thought when I came home.  “You can have that.  That’s all for you”, is what she said.  So I had it Wednesday night.  A Nathan’s hot dog with some mustard, Skyline Chili and Cheddar Cheese.  Mmm! Tina said that her co-worker who had been to Cincinnati also said that Skyline chili is “foul”.  I’m sorry.  They’re all wrong. Or am I just strange?  Does anyone else out there love Skyline Chili and can back me up?  Next to Saag Bratwurst at Dodger Stadium, I believe that Skyline Cheese Coneys are my favorite ballpark food.
I’d be interested in hearing about other people’s favorite ballpark food.  This weekend, my brother and I will be taking our dad down to St. Louis for a game as our retirement gift to him. It should be a fun time.  Any “must eat” food at Busch Stadium?  By the way, does anyone know what hot dogs they use for the Cheese Coneys at Great American Ballpark?  They were good, also.
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