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It Figures

The Cubs offense finally breaks out tonight against the Pirates by scoring eight runs, but they still lose.  The pitching, which has been the one bright spot during their current seven game losing streak, collapsed tonight allowing 10 runs on 17 hits to...the Pirates?  Well, the losing steak is now at eight and nothing is going right for the Cubs right now.

The Cubs are starting to become a powder keg waiting to explode. Ryan Dempster beat up a gatorade dispenser after walking in two runs in the third, Ted Lilly got himself ejected by arguing with an umpire over the strike zone in the fifth inning from the dugout, Milton Bradley believes their is a conspiracy by the umpires to destroy him.  It probably is only a matter of time before Lou Piniella goes off and explodes.  I thought that was going to happen tonight. With Nate McClouth at first and Freddy Sanchez at second with two out in the seventh, Adam LaRouche grounded to Ryan Freel at third and Freel seemed to beat Sanchez to third, but the umpire called him safe.  Piniella came out of the dugout to discuss the play with the umpire and then went back to sit down.  I thought for sure we’d all see a classic Piniella outburst.  No, disappointment there too.  Things are bad right now, so there’s a lot of built up tension.
I predict that there will be a huge outburst or fight with the Cubs in the near future and it will involve either Ted Lilly, Milton Bradley, or Lou Piniella.  Or maybe all three of them.  Ted Lilly is a hot head; remember that incident a few years back when he wanted to punch out the Toronto manager John Gibbons during a visit to the mound?  Milton Bradley’s liable to go off at any moment and throw a bag of balls, and Lou is Lou.
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Come on, Cubbies, get mad!  If you’re gonna play like garbage, at least be entertaining.
The Cubs now find themselves under .500, at 21-22.  They are five games behind the Brewers.  True, it is not the end of the world, but if they can’t take care of the Pirates the next two games, they’ve got the Dodgers coming in for a four game series this weekend.  It doesn’t get any easier.
Kosuke Fukudome is hitting .308.  He’s been one of the few Cubs to consistently hit well this year.  Why does Lou Piniella continually sit him in favor of Reed Johnson and Milton Bradley.  True, it could be because he sits him against left handers.  But why?  Bradley and Johnson are not hitting left handers or right handers, for that matter.  I think you have a better chance with Fukudome in the lineup, left hander or not.  For whatever reason, Piniella doesn’t seem to care much for Fukudome.
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What Next?

The Cubs traded Joey Gathright to the Orioles for Ryan Freel, a player that was scratched from playing today because he has hamstring tightness.  Perfect.

Oh, by the way, the bullpen imploded again in a 12-6 loss to the Brewers.  Now Aaron Heilman can’t find the plate.  Chad Fox, whom they just called up, got hurt throwing a pitch in the eighth inning.  Derrek Lee is going to have tests done on his neck tomorrow.  He didn’t play, again.  Ramirez will be out at least six weeks.  Geovany Soto looks disinterested.  I’m afraid to watch tomorrow’s game to see what’s going to happen next.