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Random Thoughts on the Cubs’s Bullpen, Pete Rose, and Steroids

As bad as Kevin Gregg and Carlos Marmol have been, the Cubs should start praying for rain in the seventh inning if they’re winning. 

Tom Gorzelanny, the Cubs’s trade deadline acquisition, makes his first start tonight against the Reds.  Can he close?

I find it rather interesting that Bud Selig is once again reconsidering his decision whether or not to reinstate Pete Rose.  I, for one, have always felt that Rose should be in the Hall of Fame based on his play.  Baseball should not let him hold a job in the game anymore.  I think the reason that this is coming up again is that baseball needs to pave the way for the steroids guys to get in the Hall of Fame.  Many of the greatest players of this generation may not get voted in because of steroids.  Some people may say how can you let them in and not let in Pete Rose.  If Pete Rose is allowed to be voted into the Hall of Fame, then the steroid guys may not seem so bad either. 

Speaking of the steroid list, should all the names be listed at once?  I think that they are being leaked one at a time to soften people’s reaction.  There seems to be less furor each time a name comes out.  It’s almost like people are like, “another player on steroids…whatever.”  Leaking the names on at a time is numbing people’s reaction to the accusations.  It’s a P.R. move, I think.